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ICTQ Vision and Values

We work to inspire personal development.

Study English in Malta!

Our school is not just about language development – we also work hard to encourage multi-cultural social awareness, leadership & presentation skills; to help you advance with the abilities you will need to be a strong contributor in the international business & work community.

Our administration, staff and Native English Teachers are part of an international team dedicated to providing the highest level of personalised service to all students, agents and partners.

At ICTQ, we work hard to offer you the most complete study abroad package; one you will not find anywhere else!

In addition to having a great experience in Malta, you will receive top quality English language education that will open the doors to your future.

Our Goal:

  • To enable you to communicate effectively in English by our qualified and experienced Native English Teachers;
  • To offer you a safe and welcoming environment where you can live and study;
  • To provide individually inspected and selected English host families or private accommodation for the security and safety of each of our students;
  • To give you the opportunity to build cross-cultural friendships and meet new business contacts for you to develop.
  • To let you have the best possible experience of Malta.

Why choose ICTQ?

  • Active communicative language teaching.
  • Full integration of teaching styles complementing students’ needs.
  • Authentic language opportunities.
  • Flexible classes all year round.
  • Interesting and fun activities.
  • Inspirational learning environment.
  • Wide use of modern classroom technology.
  • Dedicated customer care service.
  • Socio-cultural integration.
  • High Management-Academic standards.