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English for Teachers

PIC Number – 904230412 , OID – E10189448.

Are you a teacher looking to develop your English Language skills?

If so, then this is the course for you!

Our course for professionals in education is perfect for those that wish to improve their English Language skills by further developing their fluency and communication skills.

ICTQ Malta can help you to express yourself with confidence.

With the help of native English speaking teachers, we will ensure that you learn and develop conversational skills, combined with vocabulary, grammar and the vital phonology to make your communication in English more natural and effective.

We assess each participant separately to ensure they are placed at the correct level.

Course Overview

English is the most widely learned second language internationally and the key to international business development.

This course is designed and delivered by native English speakers and is offered as a 1-week intensive course, available at 2 levels: Intermediate and Advanced.

Participants will be assessed prior to starting the course, to ensure they are placed at the correct level.
Both levels will cover the key aspects of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

In addition, functional language skills will be developed through a range of hands-on and practical skills development. Such as discussions on current affairs, problem-solving, role-play tasks, presentations and so on.

Main Objectives

  • To support participants improve comprehension of spoken and written English by listening and interacting with native speakers;
  • Master English grammar rules from sample to complex structures;
  • Distinguish the difference between International Business English and English is spoken locally;
  • Improve their writing skills and learn how to write a resume, cover letter and other styles of writing in English;
  • Participate in group projects and thus strengthen their presentation skills in English;
  • Be introduced to different English learning methods and tools to help further their language study;
  • Experience the cultural heritage of Malta with its bilingual linguistic environment.


An interactive communicative approach is applied, which provides participants with experiential learning.

Participants develop their fluency through a discussion about current affairs and topics of general interest.

Input sessions are in the form of hands-on workshops or discussions for fluency work and involve brainstorming, analysis, problem-solving, as well as role-play both in pairs and group work.

Participants are asked to reflect on the activities, inviting discussion with regard to their own pedagogical knowledge and skills, teaching methods and contexts.

Participants are actively involved in the sessions to maximise their learning and to experience activities from their learners’ point of view.

Sessions run Monday to Friday 09:00 – 12:30 (30-minute break during session)

Target Audience

This course is ideal for teachers, teaching assistants, trainers, education managers, education counsellors, career counsellors in addition to those involved in the wider aspects of the education agenda.


All participants will be sent a questionnaire to ascertain participants expectations of the course, areas that participants may wish to cover during the course and any other specific needs that may be envisaged.

In addition, aspects of the participants’ current role/background will also be requested in order to tailor the course to their individual needs.

An online placement test will be provided for all participants prior to their first day of the course.

There is also the opportunity for individual one to one consultation if requested, with our lead trainer regarding further ongoing continuous professional development.


ICTQ MALTA is an International English Language School being run by a highly motivated team with over twenty years of experience in the EFL Industry.

ICTQ MALTA brings together new technologies, methodologies and a great team of qualified professionals who are ready to embrace this adventure and provide students with enhanced opportunities in learning and improving their English knowledge and skills.

This course is ideal for Teachers, Tutors, Trainers, Head Teachers, School Principals and Administrators.

Price €350.00 per week

Price includes:

  • Placement test
  • ICTQ Welcome pack
  • Course Material
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Morning Coffee Break
  • Light Lunch
  • Airport Transfers

NOTE: These courses run throughout the year.

Contact us for more details: info@ictqmalta.com

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