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ICTQ Malta Active Learning Programme

ICTQ Malta Active Learning Programme is an integrated part of our teaching methodology. Students actively participate in fun learning activities outside of the school to put what they learn in class into practice. This video is a representation of one of our activities at elementary level – ‚The Treasure Hunt‘….

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ICTQ Lessons + Activities (14-17)

This package is ideal for students who already have their accommodation but would like to improve their English and have their time organized in the afternoons. After joining the course, students are divided into suitable language levels to build on their previous knowledge. The lessons are prepared to meet teenage needs,…

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Sommercamps gestartet!

Wir haben die Informationen über die Sommercamps für das Jahr 2015 zusammengestellt. Planen Sie rechtzeitig, damit Sie keine Enttäuschung erleben, wenn keine Plätze mehr frei sind. Wir veranstalten Sommercamps für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene. Im Abschnitt zu den Kursen finden Sie weitere Informationen dazu. Für die verschiedenen Formen der Sommercamps…

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Malta – für jeden etwas

Malta offers activities for everyone – young children, teenagers, adults. People of all ages can find something interesting among things like: sightseeing, sunbathing, relaxing, swimming, cycling, walking, running, climbing, eating, drinking, partying, meeting new people, learning English and much more..

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