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5 Easy Last- Minute Costume Ideas - ICTQ Malta

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5 Easy Last- Minute Carnival Costume Ideas

The Carnival in Malta is about to start, If you have not yet got your costume look at our 5 Easy Last-Minute Carnival Costume Ideas and get ready for the Carnival Malta 2019

The Maltese Carnival, Il-Karnival ta’Malta, is one of the funniest and oldest celebrations on the island. It dates back to 5 centuries ago, to the Knights of St. John in 1530. Since then this festival has been celebrated making it a relevant and multi-cultural party in the Maltese community and also for tourism.

As you already know how important this celebration is in Malta, let’s get started with some costume ideas!

  1. The classic clown costume. We know it has been seen so many times, but it is so easy to make it. You just have to characterize it with he appropriate accessories and you will not get unnoticed! Look at the one in the photo: It’s not complicated, is it?

2. You may prefer to follow the last fashion trends of the year and opt for an animal print? Go ahead! You will only need a few face paintings, a mirror and your hands to start making up yourself! Have a little of patience and you will get there.

3. The typical animal costumes are always very useful: dog, cat, rabbit, frog… And It is easy to find any accessory to complete your costume! If you have a low budget, you can use a mask or a painted face and you’ll have it ready!

4. We know that the Witch Costume is more related to Halloween, but who cares? The most important is to get dressed up. Feel free to take out your old Halloween costume, add some colorful accessories and you will have your carnival costume.

5. Last but not least. If none of the previous ideas have convinced you, we suggest you do the same as this camel, get all the colorful and funny accessories that you can and decorate yourself. For small problems, great solutions!

Now that you have some ideas in mind, choose your favourite one!

Dont’ forget to share your costumes with us on our social media!