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Host Family Rules - ICTQ Malta

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 We expect you to be an active member of the host family. They will treat you as such and not as a visitor or guest.

 At all times keep the Host Family informed of where you will be, with whom, and when you will return.

 Maintain a positive attitude. You will probably think some things are better at home, while other things are better here. Enjoy the best of both worlds and be respectful of these differences.

 Drug and alcohol use is a violation of ICTQ Foundation rules, and will not be tolerated.

 If a student receives a key he/she will be responsible for returning the key at the end of their stay. This must be kept in a safe place and not given to anyone. If a key is lost it must be replaced at the student’s expense.

 Meal time will be shard together as a family.

 Smoking is not allowed inside the homes.

 Fans and heaters will be provided depending on weather conditions.

 Clean bed linen and towels will be provided to the student by the host family and will be changed regularly.

 Any valuables are the responsibility of the student and should be kept locked in the student’s suitcase. ICTQ will not take responsibility for any personal items said to have gone missing from a host family. Travel insurance is strongly recommended.

 The host family and their home are to be respected at all times. Noise or any other disturbances are strictly forbidden.

 Should any student encounter any problems with their host family, ICTQ will do all it can to resolve the problem within 48 hours of receipt of a written complaint. In this case please report this to our Head of Administration who will deal with the situation in the best way possible.

 Please treat the host family and their belongings with respect. If you turn something on, be sure to turn it off.

 It will be your responsibility to get to school on time.

 Keep your room tidy all the times.

 Always knock before entering either a bedroom or a bathroom. Privacy is very important.

Extra rules for students under 18

 Just be sure to let the Host family know that you are going to stay at school later than expected.

 However, it is very important that all times your Host Family know where you are going, when you will be home, with whom you are going to be with, and how they can reach you.

 Please remember that drinking and the use of drugs is not permitted.

 Students under 16 years of age should be home by 20h00, unless they are on an excursion with the school.

 Students between the ages of 16 and 17 should be home by no later than 22h00 unless they are on an excursion with the school. Curfew time can be modified if parents agree.

Extra – Rules for students more than 18

 The students will be responsible for keeping their own room and bathroom clean.

 Students must liaise with the Host Family and if they return home late at night, they must be respectful and keep in mind that other people re living and sleeping there too.