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News - ICTQ Malta

5 Easy Last- Minute Costume Ideas

We know that there is always someone that has run of out of time to get a costume for carnival. Considering that the Carnival is about to start, we propose to you 5 Easy Last-Minute Ideas so you can have a simple costume ready for the Carnival 2019.

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Adventure & Fun Activities during your Holiday in Malta

Are you always down for an adventure? Malta is the perfect place and there you can spend your next adventurous holiday! The Maltese Island is one of the most uniquely beautiful island in the Mediterranean and offers many chances to spend time outdoors, enjoying the stunning natural beauty and living…

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25 Things you can do to improve your English!

25 Things you can do to improve your English! Your goal is to learn or improve your English and be a fluent speaker? The questions are where do you begin, how are you going to achieve that? First thing to do is make up a plan, set clear short-term goals and…

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The Top 10 Best Beaches in Malta

The Top 10 Best Beaches in Malta Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, well known as one of the islands having the cleanest bathing waters around the EU . The coast of Malta, Gozo and Comino has numerous beautiful and picturesque sandy beaches and stunning coves for…

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