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Terms & Conditions - ICTQ Malta

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  1. Agreement

The agreement shall be legally binding the student and ICTQ once ICTQ has sent an invoice and a deposit of 50% of the total invoice has been paid. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with its validity or its subject matter or formation is governed by and constructed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the legal jurisdiction in which ICTQ is situated.

  1. Payment Terms/ Prices

Payment in full in Euro must reach our account 15 days prior to arrival by the client or agent. Services will only be provided when payment is received. All prices stated on our price list are valid from the 1st October 2019  till the 30th of September 2020. ICTQ reserves the right to alter prices as a result of government regulations, tax increases, exchange rate variations or other issues. These prices apply to bookings received for courses which start and take place from the 1st October 2019 to the 30th September 2020 provided the booking and full payment is received.

  1. Cancellation Fees/ Refund Policy

The student can request a modification, cancel or ask for a refund by contacting us on pr@ictqmalta.com, quoting the course registration number.

In the event that the booking is cancelled, the following refunds will apply:

  • 15 days prior to commencement date – Full refund less non-refundable charges  (Administration fees €100,- Visa fees if applicable €60)
  • 7 days prior to commencement date – 50% of your total invoice less non-refundable charges (Administration fees €100,- Visa fees if applicable €60)
  • 3 days prior to commencement date – 25% of your total invoice less non-refundable charges  (Administration fees €100,- Visa fees if applicable €60)
  • Cancellations 2 days prior to commencement and “no shows” – No refund
  1. Changes and Amendments

Once the course has started no changes may be made unless by written consent from ICTQ. Any additional charges specified on the price list will be incurred by the student and no changes will be effected until payment has been received.

  1. Course Cancellation

In the event of an insufficient number of students booking for a particular course, ICTQ reserves the right to cancel the course and provide the student with an alternative course which ICTQ in its sole discretion considers suitable.

  1. Placement tests

Placement tests are a must, failure to take the placement test may result in the student being unable to take the course requested.

  1. Lesson Times / Public Holidays

ICTQ reserves the right to alter lesson times at its discretion. Course lessons are adjusted to reflect public holidays when they fall on week days.

The Public Holidays are the following:

1st January: New Year’s Day

10 February: Feast of Saint Paul’s Shipwreck
19 March: Feast of Joseph

Depend on the year: Good Friday – Easter

31 March: Freedom Day

1st May: Labour Day / May Day

7 June: Sette Giugno

29 June: Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

15 August: The Feast of Mary’s Assumption

8 September: The Feast of our Lady of Victories
21 September: Independence Day

8 December: Feast of the Immaculate Conception

13 December: Republic Day

25 December: Christmas Day

  1. Course Materials

Every student will receive study material at the start of the course.

  1. Code of Conduct

ICTQ reserves the right to expel the student from school in the event of misconduct on the school premises, place of accommodation or any other location. The stipulated curfew imposed on students living with a host family must be adhered to. Failure to abide by local laws and regulations may also result in expulsion.

  1. Certification and Attendance

Students need to inform the Director of Studies in writing about taking any time off.  They must attend a minimum of 80% of lessons scheduled for the course in order to receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course. Students whose attendance falls below this percentage may be asked to terminate the agreement and leave the school.

  1. Insurance

It is advisable that all students have adequate health, travel and accident insurance before attending any of our programs. ICTQ will not be held liable for any loss, damage to the student’s personal property or injury to persons.

  1. Health

The student must be in good physical and mental health at the start date of the program. ICTQ reserves the right to terminate the agreement at the student’s expense should he/she fail to declare or provide false declaration of matters related to health.

  1. VISAS

A payment of 50% of the total course price must be received in full prior to any VISA documents being issued. There is a charge of €60 applicable for each Visa/Visa Extension letter. If a VISA application is rejected we require written evidence at least 14 days prior to arrival. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation charge of 1-week accommodation and tuition, the Visa assistance fee and administration fee. If the rejection is received on time only the normal charges are kept.

  1. Accommodation

We will advise you on the types of accommodation offered. It is advisable to book your accommodation together with your course. ICTQ will not be held responsible for failing to accommodate a student for the requested accommodation on last minute bookings. A refundable deposit of €100 must be left on arrival for ”non-reasonable” cleaning services, incidental charges and damages. The deposit will be refunded to the student on departure if the accommodation is to be found in good condition.

According to your accommodation, here are the rules that you must to respect:

Host Family Rules: http://ictqmalta.com/host-family-rules/

Flat Rules: http://ictqmalta.com/flat-rules/

Departure time is till 11:00 am. You can keep your luggage inside the flat in the living room if your Airport transfer is later, but your room needs to be empty.

Please note that during the peak season (June to September) the school will not be able to confirm your stay in a specific flat/host family earlier than 3 days prior to arrival.

If required, the school also holds the right to ask students to change their accommodation during their stay (if the stay is longer than one week).

An extra charge of €15 will be added to students staying at host families who require a gluten-free diet due to the cost of special food products.

Host Families: A fee of €150 must be paid if a student insists on moving to a different host family without due cause. This must be paid before moving.

  1. Travel and Transfers

Course fees do not include flights or other transport to ICTQ, except where specified. ICTQ can offer airport transfers only if booked prior to arrival and subject to payment of an additional charge.  Full flight details should be provided. ICTQ will charge an extra fee of €25, if the details provided by you are incorrect or inadequate.

  1. Photography, Filming and sound recording

During the course of your stay, ICTQ may record, photograph or shoot videos for its promotional purposes. Please inform the management in writing if you do not wish to appear on our promotional material.

  1. Damages

Students are liable for any damages caused by them on school premises and at their respective accommodation and payment for such damages must be paid before the end of the course. A price list is available on request.

  1. Liability

The school is not liable for any loss or injury incurred by the students during their stay on school premises and accommodation.