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25 Things you can do to improve your English! - ICTQ Malta

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25 Things you can do to improve your English!


Your goal is to learn or improve your English and be a fluent speaker? The questions are where do you begin, how are you going to achieve that?

First thing to do is make up a plan, set clear short-term goals and stick with them. The key element is consistency
Learning a new language could be a hard and long process, but in the right environment, with the help of good teachers you will reach your goal and also have fun while doing it! Here are some tips from our highly qualified teachers, to start you on the right path!

      1. Practice everyday
      2. Write down new words
      3. Watch movies in English with or without subtitles
      4. Read out loud
      5. Listen to music with lyrics
      6. Learn one idiom every day
      7. Read English Newspapers
      8. Work on English grammar
      9. Avoid literal translations from your own language into English
      10. Make friends from other countries
      11. Keep an English diary
      12. Ask a lot of questions
      13. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
      14. When you learn a new word, learn also it’s other forms
      15. Exercise your pronunciation with audio
      16. Travel as much as you can
      17. Chat on Skype with other students
      18. Join English conversation classes
      19. Try to think in English
      20. Use an English only Dictionary
      21. Play online games and interact with people in English
      22. Study the most common Phrasal Verbs
      23. Test yourself weekly
      24. Listen to the different English accents
      25. Don’t forget to have fun!