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are you a music lover? MTV music festival in Malta

Are you a music lover? Learn English in Malta this summer!

If you are a music lover,you should combine learning English with some of the best music festivals in Europe! Summer is too long so you will have time to study and go to the most amazing festivals in Malta!

Malta has it all…. sun, sea, and plenty of fun!

Here is a quick look at what’s on this summer…

Earth Garden | 30 May- 2 June 2019

“Celebrate music, diversity and life”. This the definition of this festival. You will feel the music in every part of your body. There is 5 music areas with different music styles. Don’t miss the opportunity to go!

Isle of MTV/ Malta Music Week | 9 July 2019

Mark the 9th of July because you have a date with MTV! Remember, this festival is free!

United with Tomorrowland | 28 July 2019

You can enjoy the famous Tomorrowland Festival from Malta. If you do not have the opportunity to go to Belgium, come to Malta and enjoy this amazing festival. You won’t be disappointed.

Glitch Festival | 14 – 16 August 2019

Glitch Festival will be held in the famous Giapula Village. Gianpula will be during this days the “house-techno paradise”. I you are a lover of this kind of music, you know where to go!